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ExperiMENTAL Schools

If your looking to enhance a topic and inspire your students with a fun and engaging workshop then look no further! ExperiMENTAL Science has a wide range of workshops available covering key events and topics such the human body, electricity, light and sound, chemical reactions and many more!


No more searching for resources or spending large sums of money on equipment that will only be used once! We want you to enjoy the activities just as much as your students and therefore we will provide everything needed and even clean up!

All our sessions are planned with the new curriculum in mind and we also off CPD experiences to support  teachers in engaging children in STEM. We can easily create workshops to suit your needs and often provide you with additional resources to continue the learning experience afterwards.

We offer all new schools a FREE Chemistry of Climate Change or The Invisible World of Physics assembly so that you can see us in action inspiring the children and engaging them in STEM.


For more information and a copy of our brochure, simply email us

Chemistry Students
Girls Building Robot
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